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Where is the future development of China’s instrumentation industry?

The Chinese instrumentation industry market has gained a firm foothold during the 12th Five-Year Plan period and continues to expand. It has become an international standard instrument country, but in the future. In the time, the market structure will undergo major changes. So what are the opportunities in the Chinese instrument market? Where is the future development?

First, further improve the instrumentation technology and level in China, conform to the trend of industrial development, and further develop smart instruments and meters while improving the conventional varieties. Industrial digitalization, intelligence, and integration. The application of new technologies is also essential, such as the use of variable frequency speed control, new motors, low power consumption, micro piezoelectric ceramic I / P converters, Bluetooth communication technology, intelligent and field bus and other new technologies to develop smart actuators, etc. .

Second, further improve the quality and reliability of China’s instrumentation products. China’s instrumentation industry will improve the reliability, applicability and performance of its products in the future. In fact, in some product areas, China’s self-developed products have reached international standards in terms of performance and function, but they are slightly inferior in reliability and adaptability. This is also a major bottleneck that should be solved in the future development of China’s instrumentation industry, in order to make domestic instrumentation more competitive in the international market.

Third, further enrich the specifications of instrumentation, such as micro-low pressure below 1kPa, high differential pressure range above 800kPa, high static pressure above 16MPa, corrosion resistance, etc. Specifications of domestic transmitters, etc., are in need of abundance. These products, which meet the requirements of specific applications, can be extremely limited in their application if they cannot be produced.

Four further enhance the automation and precision of the product. The degree of automation of instrumentation in China is not high enough, and some require manual operation. In today’s universal application of computer technology, in order to achieve higher efficiency and reduce labor intensity, it is necessary to further improve the degree of automation of instrumentation by means of computer technology. Measurement accuracy should also be gradually improved, such as flow meters, counters, meters, etc., higher accuracy can make the instrument more reliable, and the application range is wider.

5. Improve the market share of China’s instrumentation in the high-end market. At present, China’s instrumentation products are mainly concentrated in the middle and low-end market, while the high-end market is mainly occupied by foreign brands. In some high-end areas, domestic products are even blank, which requires the future of China’s instrumentation to enter the high-end market and expand the market share of high-end products. After the development of domestic instruments and meters in the fields of technology, performance, reliability, quality, automation, precision, high-end, etc., the market share of China’s instrumentation industry will certainly increase.

Post time: Apr-16-2019