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Instrumentation follows industry guidelines and stands firm in the market

In the function and policy framework of giving full play to the property market, it is clear that the property market participates in the construction of mixed ownership economy, which can effectively promote the development of the property market and explore the enterprise. Measures such as different types of mixed targets have important driving effects. The same is true for the instrumentation industry. By following the market guidelines, you can gain a foothold and develop better.

In the case of China’s instrumentation industry and foreign instruments and meters, there is a big gap in quality, etc., to improve domestic instrumentation There are three criteria to follow.

Quality Guidelines

Even domestic instruments and meters are not as fast as foreign development and market, but with the wide application and platform upgrade, the domestic instrumentation industry has got Rapid development, great progress in manufacturing and application, and gradually have a certain position in the middle and high-end market. It is reflected in the rapid detection, accuracy and reliability of the products, including maintenance-free and fast.

These technologies are added to ensure better user results, allowing users to use minimal operation, minimal maintenance, and minimal replacement. Spare parts for maximum benefit and output.

In this regard, in domestic instruments and meters, we must pay attention to quality, let users use the rest assured, fast and safe, is the key to the development of instrumentation point.

Stability Guidelines

As early as the “12th Five-Year Development Plan for Instrumentation Industry” promulgated in 2011, it is pointed out that China’s instrumentation industry still has domestic products stable. There is a clear gap between sex and reliability and foreign products.

The Ministry of Science and Technology organized a series of “Special Reliability Training for National Major Scientific Instruments and Equipment Development” to assist major project undertakers to better complete the equipment. Reliability engineering applications during development.

For the “12th Five-Year” development plan of the instrumentation industry, putting stability before reliability, it is the outstanding performance of the instrumentation industry. . Stability is its representative core technical index, so the road to the development of China’s instrumentation industry is to focus on stability, is the most important and necessary prerequisite for the development of instrumentation industry.

Service Guidelines

The company ultimately sells technology rather than products. So it is more important to face the application of technical issues. The company ultimately sells technology rather than products. This kind of process technology is embodied in system integration technology in instrumentation, which is also a very big problem faced by enterprises, and also a breakthrough point of integration innovation, whether it can meet the key points of users.

This is after-sales service, which is an eternal topic in the instrumentation industry. Quick resolution, resilience and rapid response are the direction users choose. After-sales service may also be a shortcoming for most companies. The quick response and reflection indicate the character of the enterprise, the ability to solve problems quickly, and the problem of the professional technical strength of the enterprise.

Post time: Apr-16-2019