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China’s key instrument components still need to be imported

In recent years, the domestic instrumentation industry has greatly improved from the technical level to the performance indicators. For example, in the control systems of large equipment, thermal power, nuclear power, rail transit and other fields, domestic equipment can basically replace imported products. 
In fact, the speed of localization in some market segments is accelerating, including continuous emission monitoring systems for gas engines, shale gas and oil extraction processing. The monitoring system, the continuous emission monitoring system of coal-fired boilers, etc., are mostly occupied by Chinese companies. 
Although the localization trend of the instrumentation industry is relatively good, the honorary chairman of the China Instrument and Meter Industry Association, Jia Jiacheng, recently reminded that most of the production, sales and profits of enterprises The era of sustained double-digit growth has passed, and the industry has entered a new era in which a small number of enterprises have developed rapidly, most companies have flat or low-speed growth, and about 20% have lost money. At present, key components such as measuring chips still need to be imported. The reason is that the homogenization competition between enterprises still exists, which seriously hinders the development of the industry. 
“In the case of the same level of domestic instrumentation technology, the company’s focus is often on the price, once a project, regardless of size, All the companies have come to ‘a piece of cake.’ The original limited profit margin is even more pale, and all companies are reluctant to miss any market opportunity. This disorderly price competition directly leads to the instrumentation industry. Internal development is affected.” Yan Zengxu said. 
In response to this situation, he said that China’s instrument and meter enterprises should improve the quality of their products and resolve to solve the stability and reliability of domestic instruments. This old and difficult problem, to ensure the advantages of cost-effective, and actively seek for the company’s own market areas and development space, in order to maintain the “last base of the enterprise” development. 
Some experts believe that the three industrial clusters in the Yangtze River Delta, Chongqing and Bohai Rim should be actively cultivated to form 3 to 5 billion enterprises. There are over 100 companies with sales exceeding 1 billion yuan. Vigorously promote the quality of domestic brands, the proportion of sales of domestic enterprises to total domestic sales increased to over 70%, and the domestic brand discrete automation control system achieved mass production, and the market share increased from the current 5% to around 15%. 

Post time: Apr-16-2019