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JZ067B Series Rotary Counter

Short Description:

Working principle & Introduction: JZ067B Series Mechanical Rotation Counter is a kind of counter for flow meter, this counter is driven by worm, realizing to count. It can also be used as a kind of general mechanical rotation counter for accumulative counting of various data measuring. Widely applied in fuel dispenser.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Special features

7 digit display
Without reset
Highly reliable mechanical totalizers
Base mounting
Product series and relevant technical parameters:

Type JZ067B JZ067B-Ⅰ JZ067ZB JZ067ZB-Ⅰ
Display digit size H×W: 4.8mm×3.5mm
Ambient temperature -10℃~+50℃
Transmission ratio 9999999
Rate rotation speed 2:1
Torque 160r/min
Torque ≤0.5 N·cm
Feature Short input shaft Long input shaft Left side short input shaft Left side long input shaft
This product can be designed and manufactured according to customer’s needs.

Product installation & dimension diagram:


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