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J115-001 Series Textile Mechanical Counter

Short Description:

Working principle & Introduction: With the rotation of the input axis, the counter drives the internal worm, worm gear and gear mechanism to display the rotation rounds on the 4 groups of decimal counting wheels, which are controlled by a division adjusting knob. When the division adjusting knob indicates “A”, the input axis rotates, and the group A counting wheels count. If the adjusting knob is adjusted to B, C and D respectively, the counting wheel group to which the adjusting knob points will display the rotation rounds of the input axis. This counter can only be used to carry out accumulative adding, it has no reset mechanism. It can be used to record the output of different shifts on the same machine, and mainly applied in the looms and tape weaving machines with multi-shifts, in textile industry.

Product Detail

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Technical parameters:



Display digit size

H×W 6.5mm×3.8mm

Ambient temperature


Max. capacity of accumulative counting


Rotation times of input axis/digit display


Rate rotation speed



≤1.5 N·cm



This product can be designed and manufactured according to customer’s needs

Product installation&dimension diagram:
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