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404 6 digits Electromechanical Counter With Reset

Short Description:

Working principle and Introduction: 5-digit Mechanical Reset Counter mainly divided into two categories of rotation type and pulling type, suitable for controlling the rotation or operation of machines or instruments. Pushing down the left button , the required figures can be input into the counter by pressing the rest 5 buttons in sequence, loosen the left button the counter will indicate the selected figures.With reset, when the digit display of the counter reach to 00000, the counter send a signal to control the machine to stop working.

Product Detail

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Working principle and Introduction: It is used to record the accumulative times of electrical signals, and it has push-reset mechanism. It can be used for counting with interval reset, such as statistic counting, mechanical rotation counting, money counting, flow amount counting and group selection counting etc. It is widely applied in the industries such as printing, textile, printing & dyeing, machinery and high voltage cabinet etc.
Product series and related technical parameters:





Display digit size

H×W:4 mm×1.8 mm

Ambient temperature


Relative humidity Voltage kind


Max. capacity of accumulative counting


Operation voltage

DC:12V~220Vvarious specifications and models;AC:24V~240Vvarious specifications and models

Counting speed

AC:≤10times/sec; DC:≤25times/sec


AC:4.0VA; DC:2.75W

Reset mode





welding,Pressure line


Pressure line

elding,Pressure line

This production can be designed and manufactured according to customer’s needs

Product installation & dimension diagram:

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